Disney-comics digest #409.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at compuserve.com
Sat Aug 20 05:38:18 CEST 1994

	Nice to have you here! I was very interested in your comments,
and have some questions for you...
	I'd like to know the reason you stopped buying the Disney comics
when Disney took them away from Gladstone. I'm interested to know if
it's the same reason I've heard from all the other people I've asked
this of, both here and abroad.
	UNCLE $CROOGE #285 & 286 were $10 & $5 from someplace??? I'm
surprised and NOT surprised. Since American comic stores never take
Disney comics seriously under any circumstances, I wondered if this
might happen. The fact is that, due to this attitude, few if any dealers
ordered extra copies of that U$ #285, and (from what I'm told everywhere
I go) they sold out immediately and no re-orders were available. If that
had happened to any sort of super-hero comic, the value would have gone
up to, what?, $25? $50? $100? It's not uncommon. But even though U$ #285
is impossible to locate, I've never heard of any dealers giving it a
thought. I'm naturally flattered when my comics sell for more than half
cover price (as ALL used comics should sell for), and I wish I could
say, "Ah... how nice. Thanks... now please reduce the price to something
reasonable." I hope you didn't pay $10 or $5 for those issues -- I'm
positive, as scarce as they truly are, if you do find copies, most
dealers won't think about them and just charge 75 cents. I only wish I
had extra copies to send you... but right now even *I* am one copy short
on those issues of the three copies I need for my files. So, I need more
copies myownself.
	Your spotting Barks' one-and-only mention of Calisota was very
sharp ("The Gilded Man"), and your guess as to the reason behind the
name is almost word-for-word the same idea that I've always suggested.
Yes, Harry gave you the right quote from an old message as to where I
placed Duckberg...er...DuckbUrg in the U.S. when I did chapter 9 of the
Lo$. As with most all the chapters, I began that one with a map, though
it was intentionally a map that was too small to show anyone but the
most discerning reader where Duckberg...er...bUrg is (since many people
would dislike seeing that nailed down. If a reader wished to see EXACTLY
where I'd placed it, he could compare the coastline to a U.S. map. But
Harry already saved you that trouble.

	You are such a good info manager! And you disperse it wisely, in
private messages (rather than making us cheapskates pay for the added
textload)... but even give a "taste" of it in the Digest for the curious
readers. Great.

	Then there's problems like Thore's, I'm sure caused by his
software, when I receive his complete message twice... once directly to
me, and then again in the Digest.
	As I answered the private version, no (if I understood the
meaning), I do NOT plan on doing any 215 page Duck stories for
publication in single issues. Yow. The maximum page count that Egmont
allows me is 24 -- and even then it must be broken into 3 8-page
stories. Even THAT is quite a gift! They won't let anyone else do a
story longer than a two-8-page-parter (=16).

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