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	Don Rosa		Disney-comics digest #406.
	Harry Fluks		San Diego, Gladstone
	Fabio Gadducci		Re: Noone is reading this?


	Well, I thought you'd have something to say about your American
trip! Where did you end up going after you left here? 


San Diego
Don or David or anyone else:

Any news from San Diego? From the Disney comics forum? How were the speakers?
How was the audience? Any new plans revealed? (E.g. what is Jippes doing at
the moment?)

Gladstone announces a "Danish" Mickey story by Erickson and Ferioli, for
one of the issues of "Donald and Mickey". I'm sure Ole and David will like

Is someone able (and willing) to type in Gladstone's announcements (from
Advance Comics or so)?



>> Why do I get the feeling that no one is reading these Digests these days?
>1. It _is_ hot in Europe. In Holland it is the hottest summer since
>   1807 or so.
>2. I _do_ read the digests. On the beach.
>3. Normally, I only reply if there is something to reply. And I seldom
>   start new subjects.
>> I'm whacky?
>I think you can answer that yourself.. 8-)

I'm here, too, but it is too hot to reply, or to think of a new subject...

In my office it is 40C.



PS Don, did you get my mail? We had some problem here with the e-mail,
during the previous week: I can send it again, in you didn't get it.

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