Disney-comics digest #414.

Mattias Hallin Mattias.Hallin at jurenh.lu.se
Fri Aug 26 09:52:49 CEST 1994

Oh, shoot, Don... ya shouldn't'a said thet 'bout Mountain Railrud an' stuff -
jes' lokkit all the folks got scart off'en the list...

Well, no, I guess I don't believe that anyway; but I did actually ask that
"GaiaMaster" person what he/she/it *had* expected, but didn't get -- and got the
reply that "GaiaMaster" didn't approve of digests. So maybe we won't have to
discuss the Lion King, after all -- or at least not argue whether it or Bambi
is the cuter movie...

But! What I really wanted to post about today, concerns the picking of a minor
nit in GotLL. I don't recall off-hand if this has been mentioned before, but
one background detail has been irritating meslightly for some time. and the
other day I finally realised what and why. In the Constantinople sequence you
talk about the 1204 crusade, showing a band of crusaders burning and looting.
Only, these crusaders wear *late* medieval, c. 14th century or so, armor; while
a knight in 1204 would have worn bodycovering chainmail, a helmet and then just
a cloth armless tunic over that. The knights in GotLL wear full body armour
that, to my knowledge, wasn't evenaround at that time (I checked this in one of
those "Men-At-War" type of books that they have down at my local bookstore.

Hell, I know this is a *very* minor nit, hardly deserving picking, but since
you put so much care into those littlest details, I just thought I'd mention

Oh, and I picked up my copy of Lo$ #4 th'other day, but managed to forget it
at a friends place; so no comments on that as yet. Might get back, though...

All my best!


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