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Fri Aug 26 23:31:07 CEST 1994

        Dear Folks,

        ROC announced that "the hillbilly character - a.k.a.
'Urtigao'/'Skogs-Ola' and 'Jesper Skauen' - in Denmark is (or should I say
'was'?) called 'Habakuk', which could be his, although misspelt, original
name.  A Strobl story in AA&Co. #27/1969 also mentions his friend Amos -
not a very common name in Danish."

        So it was a STROBL story?  An S-coded story, then?  This means that
it was originally made in English!  So this tramp DOES have an English
name.  If someone can give me the code for the SHORTEST GOOD S-story with
this tramp, I can see if Gladstone wants to order it and find out the name
-- and then presumably use it.

        Someone just wrote a letter in DD #287 asking why Fethry didn't
appear here.  They referred to him, however, as "Popop," the French name. 
In their reply, Gladstone ALSO called him Popop -- which must mean that no
one there was able to even recollect seeing the character in English! 
(I've written a letter noting the two stories with him that I have seen in
the U. S., also mentioning his real name.)
        I seem to remember seeing Fethry fairly frequently in the Whitman
comics I bought around 1980.  Is something going on I don't know?  I
haven't seen those issues in years -- traded 'em to my brother, five
Whitmans for a Dell, and then he sold them, himself.

        All the best,

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