That Flood, old Rivers, and me.

Tryg Helseth trygve at
Sun Aug 28 15:03:46 CEST 1994


The following is off-topic, and a bit self-indulgent, so if you have better 
things to do you may want to skip this message.  

A while back Don mentioned that he got Even Flood, Wilmer Rivers, and me 
confused.  I wrote to him saying that I could see the connection between 
"Flood" and "Rivers," but didn't see how I fit into that.  

This weekend I was in a bookstore thumbing through a book of names and was 
startled to find my first name, Trygve.  According to this book, my name 
means "little town by the river."   Now that fits nicely into Don's 
association, but I find it hard to believe--especially since the book 
tagged the name as being "from the British."   British!  I was always told 
that it is a Norse name.  

Perhaps some of our Norwegian subscribers could set me stright on this.  I 
would appreciate any help on this as I am getting too old to not know what 
my name means... :)

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