Disney-comics digest #418.

Knut Hunstad Knut.Hunstad at veg.sintef.no
Tue Aug 30 10:00:57 CEST 1994

Just a little correction:

>	We all know that Eric the Red (or Olaf the Blue) sailed to the
>"New World", but I made sure I included "discovered and OPENED UP"

His name was Leif Eriksson and recent discoveries seem to indicate he wasn't 
the first either. Some irish monk (not 100% sure about that) was there 
before him (and Asterix and Obelix where there around 50BC!). But if my 
memory serves me right it should be well known by Barks fans that CC wasn't 
first. Isn't that the basis of the whole "Golden Helmet" story? Can't wait 
to get home and reread it, it has been too long...

Personally I think the whole discussion: "who was first" is totally 
meaningless as long as the so-called "first" ones came to an inhabited land! 
I think Don has a very good point in his specification: "opened up". CC was 
the (last one, not first one?) who told the european part of the world that 
there was another land over there. Whether some long forgotten viking had 
been there before or not doesn't make _any_ difference to what an 
achievement he made.

A word of defence for your suggestion, Don. Eric the Red _was_ an important 
part of the viking era, but he never was in "Wineland".

P.S.: Trygve, I am trying to found out about your name...

Knut Hunstad
khun at veg.sintef.no

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