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Mattias Hallin Mattias.Hallin at jurenh.lu.se
Tue Aug 30 15:34:06 CEST 1994


               Not necessarily doubting the veracity of your book on CC
(meaning Chris Columbus, not Coca Cola!), nor attempting to cast any shadow on
your research of various subjects, Wilmer's points about that eclipse made me
wanna ask a related question -- i.e. "how do you decide what is a good and
truthful book, when you're researching a subject?" Again: no disrespect
intended -- it's just that as a historian, reared to revere source-criticism
and have no other Gods beside it, I'm plain and semi-professionally interested
to know how you do you're reasoning about these kinda things.

Also, Don, I'm afraid I shall have to miss out on the Gothenburg fair, since
the college band I'm in celebrates it's 30th anniversary that same week-end,
and I'm likely/already ordered to have a fairly prominent part in the
concert(s), which means I will be tied up most of that week-end with
rehearsals, concerts (and the party). Stockholm is still an open question -- 
i.e. I don't know anything that'll keep me at home, but I have yet to organize a
party of people to share a car, or it'll get too expensive. It's also a spot of
a problem that NAFS(k)'s Fall Meeting is scheduled for two weeks
later, and I'm not yet sure I got either time or money to attend both events.

Well -- time'll have to tell; but I sure hope to be able to see you in
Stockholm at least. BTW -- will Ann come, too, this time? I'm not sure if
that's what you said when I visited, but I kinda got that impression.

All my best!


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