Disney-comics digest #508.

H.W. Fluks fluks at pcssdc.pttnwb.nl
Thu Dec 1 14:05:12 CET 1994


Another reason to faint: I just read the Dutch version of "Life of Scrooge"
chapter 9. Terrillent! Excefic! Scandinavians discussed this story here
before, and I can only agree with their conclusions. Never before seen
in a Disney comic.

Now I think *this* is the best Lo$ part, apart from part 2 of course. 8-)

I must say the translation is absolutely great. Even without knowing
the original English, I think the jokes must be close to the original.

Only they still translated Scrooge's sisters as Hortensia and Dora. (Dora
being the name of Grandma Duck.) I wonder how they solve the problem
when the real Grandma appears. How did the Germans solve it?

One minor remark about the story's art: the Soapy Slick (if that's his name)
scene at the beginning is very different from the rest of the story,
because it lacks the usual Rosa detail. Well, since the panels are straight
copies of Barks panels, I guess adding detail would be less 'authentic'.

Now some loose remarks on yesterday's digest:

----David about Italian pocket book stories:
> Those terrible intermezzo sequences which many 
> of us love to hate (who was that artist again, Fabio?)

Giuseppe Perego. I'll never forget that name. He even added scenes to
other people's stories!

----Maria Enriquez Harris <enriquez at bioch.ox.ac.uk> (does this mean we
    have a female member, at last?):
> any chance of revisiting "Tralla La", Don?

Read "Return to Xanadu". The very best Rosa story up to now, IMHO.
Or do you mean re-revisiting?

> BTW: A hard cover "pocket book" has just been published here in Norway.

That one was published in Holland as well (though not hard cover). It was
already in the shops in early November!

About Becattini's Dell indexes: what about copyrights? If Becattini delivers
a floppy disk, can we use it and put on ftp without problems?


"Poor people are crazy - rich people are _excentric_!"  (Lo$ 9)

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