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Donald Duck & Co JULEPARADE 1994

The Grandma Duck story (WDC 148K, two pages) is about Gus Goose and 
Gus & Jaq trying to get Grandma to join them when they are skating.
Art by Frank MacSavage.

In the wolf story (XMAS Parade, 8 pages) Zeke is trying to catch a
stork. The stork is difficult to catch, but it get it's legs stuck 
in the ice. Zeke the brings it home. In the meantime Br'er Bear and
Br'er fox give a turkey to The Li'l Bad Wolf. In return he will make 
dinner for all of them. 
     Zeke comes home with the stork. The ice melts, and the stork 
starts to chase Zeke. 
     The Li'l Bad Wolf prepares the turkey, and the fox and the bear 
arrive. They bring a projector as a gift. They start to look at pictures 
while  they're waiting for Zeke. Then they start to make shadow images, 
on the curtain. The Li'l Bad Wolf loves to make images of a stork, 
which Zeke sees from the outside. He believes that the terrible bird 
is waiting for him in his livingroom, and doesn't dare to enter the 
The art is very good. I don't know, but I guess it's Gil Turner.

The Minnie story... I can't really see why there should be any need
to reprint this one. Minnie is reading about Lars Langfinger (who looks
remarkably like Black Pete (no: Svarte Petter)), the notorious Christmas
present thief, in the the newspaper. She gets nervous, and asks Mickey 
to bring over Pluto. She feels much more safe with Pluto in the house.
The thief comes, puts a pair of earwarmers (directly translated from 
Norwegian) on Pluto, who's sleeping in front of the fireplace.
In the morning Minnie finds that all her presents have been stolen.
Pluto leaves, finds the thief, leads the thief in front of a police man,
and well... that's it.
The art is -- cute. The mice have very big heads, which make them look
more or less like babies.

Actually, I don't think there _is_ a legal battle going on. At least not
if you're thinking of the use of very-Asterix-like characters in the 
Norwegian campaign against membership in the European Union. Norway is
not becoming a member of the union, so those characters aren't used 
Uderzo didn't mention any legal problems at all. He said he would start
making a new story in January next year. That's what he said...
His last two stories weren't much to talk about. He's a great artist,
but, as you probably know, it was Rene Goscinny who wrote most of the

BTW: The second story in the last issue of Mikke Krim (Mickey Mystery)
is about the legal rights to a comic character. The artist, and owner,
of a very popular character, is told by the publisher that it's selling
very few copies. The publisher wants him to sell the rights, so they
can hire cheaper artists to draw it.

BTW2: Tintin is _not_ drawn by any other artists than Herge (Georges Remi).
Except for the movies, he did all the drawing himself. Tintin "died" when
Herge died. He didn't want anyone to continue the stories.

DAVID: Do you mean that you will change the script, so that the 
dictatorship of the police will end, and the people of Fotobogo will be 
happy, in those 14 pages? Sounds like an average American TV movie...

>I also found an issue of Musse Pigg with that Danish story I worked on
I think you'll get a Norwegian copy quite soon too...


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