Disney Afternoon

GaryB98294@aol.com GaryB98294 at aol.com
Fri Dec 30 18:51:42 CET 1994

My first reply to all these great statements I've been getting for the last
few months.
Did anyone see the one-page Uncle $crooge gag in Disney Afternoon #4
(Marvel)? A really bad gag and lousy art, but did the Marvel colorist make
the Beagle Boys African-American? Or was it a coloring error? Strange.
Speaking of $crooge merchandise, about two years ago I bought a nice Uncle
$crooge gumball machines (about 10 inches high) for $3 at a local toy outlet
shop. Got one for friend Alan Hutchinson and have a promise to get one for
Mark Worden if I see them again, but so far it has been a no go. I THINK it
was made in Germany, but I can't find the box it came in now (hid it too
well, I guess).

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