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> Subject: Kirby (Bad News, to the world of Comics!...)

> Gil Milburn (at last! I thought you were gone. Did you receive my mail, 
> Gil?):

     Yes, I did (* THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR SENDING IT!! *).  I'm truly 
sorry I've been so quiet lately, I've just had my hands SO FULL recently 
that I haven't had time to write!  So I must apologize to you and to Per, 
for not returning your recent messages!  Forgive me?...

Now on to this:
>> Comic book creator Jack Kirby, age 76, died on Sunday, Feb. 6, 1994.
> Fredrik:
>> About the Disney connection, I seem to remember a discussion here
>> a while ago that Kirby DID draw a few Disney strips. Can anyone
>> confirm/deny this?
> On 3 November 1993, I wrote:
>> Jack Kirby
>> ~~~~~~~~~~
>> Mark asked why he is in the 'creators' file. Well, in fact, that
>> file also covers the creators in the "classics" index. The Classic stories
>> were newspaper stories, often reprinted in One Shots and other comics.
>> In 1980, Kirby did the pencils of "The Black Hole" (story Fallberg,
>> inks Royer). That's the only Kirby entry though.
> I typed in that 'classics' file from a photocopy of a newspaper strips 
> index by Becattini. A lot of those newspaper sequels were reprinted in 
> Holland.
     I had thought that Kirby had a *small* Disney connection, but
since I wasn't exactly sure so I didn't bother to mention it! 
Thanks Harry, for setting us all straight!  |D
     DON: Do you have any thoughts to add about the passing of Jack
"The King" Kirby??



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