Disney-comics digest #237.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at CompuServe.COM
Thu Feb 10 06:40:35 CET 1994

	Very good call. No, I wasn't "forced" to do that Olympics story,
but it was requested, naturally, by the Norwegian editor who is one of
the nicest people I've ever met and to whom I am greatly obliged for all
his kindnesses during my visits. Yes, I really DIDN'T want to do the
story since it would be a simple slapstick 10-pager and I didn't have
any ideas for it -- it had to show Olympics events, which pretty much
dictated slapstick hijinx and not much else. Furthermore, it forced me
to set a story in 1994, whereas, as you say, MY stories take place in
the mid-50s! In fact, in my first version, I never had the Ducks
actually reach Norway, only compete for the right to "represent
Duckburg" (which I still can't figure out -- what is Duckburg, a country
or a city in America?), so I was figuring that the story was taking
place in 1952 (the previous Norway Olympics. But then the editors
decided (as they should) that I should show Lillehammer, so from then on
I was cooked.
	It was an "imaginary story". I never really happened. That may
be another reason its American publication was of little interest to
me... I see it as a fictitious fiction.

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