Chris Lawton clawton at TFS.COM
Mon Feb 14 19:12:00 CET 1994

Hiya Gang!


As a frequent Disney Store patron AND a Disney Comics fan, I would love to
see the Comics make it to the store.  The Disney Store near my house in 
Pleasanton, CA does carry the Disney Adventures title but I have never
bought a single issue, just browsed them.  I once asked about them and
I got a standard "We don't carry that mechandise here" speech.  Oh well,
It wasn't her fault... :)

However, I don't believe that TDS is deserving of quite all the negative
connotations that have been floating around here.  I do like the store for
what it is.  And it is *not* a comic book shop.  In fact, its about as far
apart from a comic book shop that you can get.  And comic book shops arn't 
Disney Stores either.

I realize that Don and Other's in the comic book industry have had difficult
times dealing with Disney but their stores have just about nothing to do
with comics.  On the other hand, if it were a comic book shop, and I got the
we don't carry that, well, somebody would certainly get a letter from me!
The point is, Disney is not in the comic book business (we saw that when they
tried to be in it).


Hooray! :) I finally got to see what everybody is talking about.  I really
enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next issue.  The interview in the
end was very apporiate, in my opinion.  It helps us non-super collecters
and non-writers to have an idea of where the ideas are coming from. (Of
course, for those of us on this list we get the real inside scoop.)

See ya real soon,

Chris 	Mickey's #1 Fan!! :) :)

P.S. about some non comic stuff.

The other night in the band I play in (a concert band where I play trombone)
we played a song called "Valdres".  Our conductor said "Valdres is to 
Norwegiens as Stars and Stripes Forever is to Americans".  Is this true?


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