Disney-comics digest #252.

James Williams James_Williams at ESS.NIAID.pc.niaid.nih.gov
Mon Feb 28 20:50:34 CET 1994

>Now, about reprints...  I remember some decent Gold Key stories
>with Moby Duck.  Is there a reason why he hasn't appeared recently?

I don't consider Moby part of the duck universe.  I've always thought
that Scrooge, Donald, and company lived in Moby's universe, but that
Moby didn't live in theirs.  They routinely appeared in Moby's stories,
but Moby rarely ever appeared in theirs.

>And what do you all think about using Emil Eagle (Super Goof's
>foe) as a Duck villain? I think he would make a decent nemesis for the
>Junior Woodchucks.

Emil on the other hand exists in all universes.  I've seen him battle
SuperGoof, Mickey Mouse, and Gyro Gearloose.  

>Has anyone got DD 284???  WHAT Taliaferro material is in this comic?  

The dailys (starting from day #1), two strips to a page.  Unlike the
sunday strips, Taliaferro wrote and drew the dailys.  I really enjoyed
the dailys.  I think Taliaferro was a much better writer than the
people writing the sunday strip.

>I know that the DD "Silly Symphony" Sunday strip ended in Dec.  1937,
>and we were at the beginning of December 1937 at the end of DD 284. 
>There should only be a very few SS Sundays in DD 284.  What then? Do we
>start with Jan.  1938 dailies, or do we jump ahead to 1939 when Donald
>got his own Sunday strip again?

This brings up a question I've been wondering about.  What Disney 
characters have had newspaper strips?  The reason I ask is that a few
months ago, I saw the original artwork to what I swore was a Scamp
daily newspaper strip.

>P. S.  Gladstone kinda blew it with "Rocket Wing."  The story
>was reprinted by Disney in a regular comic, their 3-D special, in
>summer 1992.  

I don't consider a 3-D special a regular comic, so I didn't have any
problems with Gladstone printing the story again.

James Williams

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