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Mon Jan 3 10:08:32 CET 1994

Last year (i.e. last week), I bought some new Dutch and American Disney comics.
I'll give some loose remarks, to start the year with.

Gladstone's Donald Duck #283 has the following text on the cover:

So this one slipped through, too, Don?
The story, "From Duckburg to Lillehammer", is of the usual Rosa quality. And
Don may claim he can't draw ducks, but I have seen noone else that draws the
nephews in a way he does on page 10 (bottom row). Excellent!
The rest of the comic is filled with Osborne/Taliaferro strips from 1937.

Dutch Donald Duck Extra 1993-13 features a Van Horn story (Fredrik: it's
D 92144). The translators start with a quote in the opening panel: 

  "Everything's quiet in town! Except in Duck's house but that is 
  normal... (C. Barks)"

This must be the first time they put a Barks quote PLUS his name in a Dutch
Disney comic... The Dutch have used this quote for years in ads for DD Weekly.
I can't exactly remember which story it was from, and I know the English is
not accurate (it's re-translated Dutch).


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