Happy Days - I'm here again!

Bror Hellman hellman at proxxi.uf.se
Wed Jan 5 08:03:03 CET 1994

On Mon, 3 Jan 1994, Mattias Hallin wrote:

>             I have some, and might have further, comments to the Duck Family
> Tree (and, No; I never got back to that point of possible minor criticism - but
> I'll check it out this time); but they'll have to wait another day or so - I
> have to buy the Kalle Anka & C:o issue with the published tree first, and check
> a few old letters and various references back home - but I'll be sure to get
> back to you.

The Stockholm evening paper "Aftonbladet" published the Duck tree as 
their centerspread on Sunday 2nd of january this last week. (Two Days 

It's a shame they published it 'cause what kid wants to wait for the 
complete tree in the KA&C:o when it's allready published in 

It's an article at the same page with some refereces to NAFS(k), Stefan 
Dios, HDL:s father, A phonecall to Don, the coot family, etc.

	Steamboat Willie


... Does The Little Mermaid wear an algebra?


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