comic book confidential

George Kesidis kesidis at
Thu Jan 6 17:51:03 CET 1994

Hello all,
I caught the tail end of this thread. I saw this (NFB) movie when it
was originally screened. There's even a comic book that goes with it.
I'm not sure if it's already been mentioned, but Disney was prominently
featured in the movie when they interviewed the guy who did 
"Mickey Mouse and the Air Pirates": a triple-X take off  of WDC&S.
There were two issues made before Disney Sent In The Lawyers
(kind of like what happened to "Uncensored Mouse"). Something
about violating Mickey's "innocent delightfulness."

Anyway, I picked up the first issue from "Comic Relief" in
Berkeley and thought it was pretty funny though not for
all tastes. In the movie the guy who did the comic 
(damn, his name escapes me) is being interviewed while 
playing pool with two, uh, female friends.  The best part 
of the movie, IMHO.

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