Disney-comics digest #209.

James Williams James_Williams at ESS.NIAID.pc.niaid.nih.gov
Wed Jan 12 15:19:44 CET 1994

>BUT...  I *would* prefer some stories which hadn't appeared before,
>first among them 1938's "The Plumber's Helper", which has become a real
>classic in Europe.

Gladstone addressed reprinting "The Plumber's Helper" in one of their
issues of Mickey Mouse [I think it was the 60th birthday issue].  At
the time, they claimed that the story was extremely difficult to
reproduce in comic book form.  Something about the way it was shaded
(duo-tone?).  Can someone who has actually seen "The Plumber's Helper"
shed some light on this.

>I have this written down *somewhere*, but I can't seem to find it:
>Didn't Gladstone convert an old Gottfredson adventure into comic book
>format, during the days of their "Mickey Mouse" comic book, which then
>proceeded to never see print?

Sounds like 'Mickey Mouse joins the Foreign Legion".  The story was
banned by Disney, so Gladstone cannot print it.

James Williams

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