Disney-comics digest #209.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at CompuServe.COM
Wed Jan 12 15:35:51 CET 1994

	Speaking of the Mickey strips in D&M, I haven't cared seeing the
"Mickey and the Sleuth" or "Goofy King Midas" stuff despite the fine
art, particularly since someone on here made me realize that perhaps my
biggest objection to Disney's treatment of the "classic characters" is
simply as empty-slate actors filling roles, as they do in those tales.
(I also greatly dislike bizarre page lay-outs as in that Goofy-Midas
thing, and when I tried reading some of it I was also distressed by the
Laugh-In type humor and lack of plot... wotta crank!) But I think D&M
also recently used one of my very most fondly remembered Murry stories,
the one about the giant golden seashell -- that has some great visuals
in it! 

	So, they use the JWW emblem in Holland!?!?! Wow! Can you find
out when/if they plan to use that Library story? They need so much to
use the American version! A MAJOR part of the ending is based on the
Woodchuck emblem! They'll need my story revisions and the extra art,
also as regards correcting the historical errors! Also, when I changed
the dialogue, I replaced Marco Polo's contribution to the Library
(until later) by a reference that travelling scholars had contributed
the great books of the libraries of Islam to the Library while it was
in Constantinople (although I'm not sure the Constantinople Christians
would have liked that idea... maybe they were only secular writings);
somebody on here was mentioning I should have done that in the story,
and now I dood it. Whoever gave me that idea, speak up, and I will pay
him 100% of the royalties I'll receive from the American use of the
story, as well as the Dutch. In fact, I'll triple it! Hey, I'm that
	Also, Harry, when I said that the only two publishers who seem
to care about the material is the Norwegian and American editors... but
Oberon is usually right out of my mind since all my business is between
Gladstone and all those Egmont places. Obviously, Oberon publishes the
best looking Disney comics in Europe, and I'd like to think they have
as much care with the contents. (That publishing part 3 of Lo$ first
makes me wonder...) But let's see if they'll be interested in my offer
of improving their use of the Lost Library story free of charge as I'm
doing for Gladstone. That might prove their concern. Please check with
your editor-buddy!

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