Gladstone albums

Charles D. Ellis cde at
Wed Jan 26 17:12:22 CET 1994

	In re Topi's question concerning Gladstone color albums:

	There are all the Uncle Scrooge Barks One-pagers in 2 volumes.
   This set was published lat year.

	Recently, the last volume of 6 Gyro Gearloose albums was put out
   about 2 months ago.

	The 10-pagers from WDC&S are being collected. Volume 22 (?) of 54 was
   put out last month.

	They have announced a complete $crooge set and a set for other
   Donald stories. Overall, the intent is clearly to publish the Barks opus.

	Back in the late 70s, a Barks fan who had a complete
   set (worth over $8000 BACK THEN!) decided not to keep adding
   wear to his comics whenever he wanted to re-read or consult them, 
   so he painstakingly over the next three years color xeroxed the
   whole set in chronological order for a reference copy. A Black&White
   regular xerox set was made for me along with the color. I paid
   10cents/page for every page CB ever did (known up to that time)
   including Barney Bear, FireStone giveaways, censored Glittering
   Goldie, the whole nine yards. 

	Now I have to pay for it all over again at more than 10cents/page,
   but at least it's in color and on double-sided pages! Still, it
   does seem wierd to be re-collecting this stuff. Maybe I should just
   color in the xeroxes myself!
Charlie Ellis   
cde at

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