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Mark Mayerson mayerson at
Wed Jan 26 17:49:15 CET 1994

Here's some questions.

What parts of the Another Rainbow Carl Barks Library are not going to be
reprinted in the Gladstone Carl Barks Library?  Does Gladstone have plans
to print the Barks Mickey story in a regular comic like Comics and Stories?

What is Dan Jippes doing at Amblin'?

In Europe, what percentage of the Disney comics readership are girls?  I note
that most of the contributors to this list are male.  In North America,
boys outnumber girls as comics fans.  Is this also true in Europe?

I hope to post a review of Seven Minutes by Norman Klein to the net in the
next couple of weeks.  This book is about American theatrical cartoons.
It is shot through with all kinds of typos and factual errors, so anybody
who's considering buying it should think hard before putting down their
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