some questions

M93 andresen at
Fri Jan 28 20:41:23 CET 1994

Mark Mayerson asked: 
> In Europe, what percentage of the Disney comics readership are girls?  I note
> that most of the contributors to this list are male.  In North America,
> boys outnumber girls as comics fans.  Is this also true in Europe?

As far as I can speak (for Germany): YES!

Most comic fans are male, also most members of the german
organization D.O.N.A.L.D. (the crazy organization who is 
devoted to explore the Duck Universe up to its smallest
detail) are male (approx. 90 - 95 %).
Heaven knows why!? 

Nevertheless I know a girl who is nutty about Disney stuff
(like clothes, films etc...), but: she admitted she didn't 
know the comics very well...
But if you really have a close look at the role
women play in the disney comics, I think it's not
surprising. They unfortunately play the second part.


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