JWW emblem (once more)

Per Starback starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Sun Jan 30 10:56:24 CET 1994

Don>	No, I THANK you for that list of JWW emblem appearances! It's
Don> one thing I've never kept notes of myself.

Maybe I ought to point out that my list wasn't a complete one.

Don> I referred back to all your cited appearances to make sure of
Don> something I already knew: my version of the emblem is DIFFERENT from
Don> Barks'. I prefer to use a version where the two "W"s are distinct and
Don> not merged with the "J"; I think Barks made it thus in one painting
Don> somewhere, and I figured that gave me leave to choose between the two
Don> styles.

I checked the 4th of July painting, but there it's the normal emblem.
Is it on some other painting as well?  When it's small enough to just
be lines and no solid blacks Barks may draw it the other way.  At
least it seems to be like that in Bubbleweight Champ (WDC 282, 1:1).

About that book publisher with a similar emblem I think Fredrik is
right:  It was John Wiley and Sons I meant, and it really isn't
spectacularly similar.
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