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Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at research.ptt.nl
Fri Jun 3 09:43:14 CEST 1994

Fredrik Ekman wrote, about Grandma's relation to Donald and Scrooge:

> I will try to sum up what conclusions have been drawn previously:

You forgot a (maybe too obvious?) reference:

6) In Don Rosa's Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck (in 12 chapters),
   Grandma is Donald's grandmother, and has no relation to Scrooge at
   all. Scrooge has two sisters, also born in Scotland, but Scrooge
   never saw them again after chapter 11.

> 2) Barks first uses her in the story "Donald's Grandma" (or something
> like that).

[Just to be complete, in case this is included in the FAQ:]
"Donald's Grandma Duck", a 14-page story in Walt Disney's Vacation Parade #1,
1950. Reprinted in Gladstone's "Donald Duck" #257.

> 4) Perhaps the most important reference to the "sister" theory is "This
> is your life, Donald Duck" from the 60's with art by Strobl.

>From Donald Duck Oneshot #1109, most recent USA reprint is in Gladstone's
DD Digest #4.

> 5) There is an Italian comic that translates to "The beheaded totem
> pole" where Scrooge meets his "sister" for the first time.

Did someone mention this one before? There must be quite an explanation
in the story if Scrooge meets his sister for the first time. I met *my* 
sister shortly after I was born.
> Fabio, you told us about an upcoming Italian family tree a while ago.
> Do you have any news about that? What's the official Italian view on
> this these days?

I have seen a "family tree" in a German comic ("DD Sonderheft"). It resembles
(but is not equal to) the tree that was on the back page of the Dutch
publication of Rota's "Egg shell" story. Of course, Grandma and Scrooge are
sister and brother there. Maybe this tree has its origin in Italy as well?


P.S. James, how's the FAQ going?

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