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And here's some other stuff from the same newsletter that was my
source of my recent post on Barks's European tour:

 * Norwegian television (NRK) has made a program on Carl Barks that
will be shown on Norwegian TV June 8.  (It's been bought by Swedish
TV and will be shown in Sweden this autumn.)  It's an hour long and
includes an interview with Barks as well as footage of Charlotte
Barks, Roy Disney jr., Malcolm Willits, inter alia.  Barks talks among
other things on "Horsing Around With History" (see next item).
(My question: Who is Charlotte?  A daughter?)

 * "Horsing Around With History", the new Barks story inked by William
Van Horn, will be published in Europe in October this year.

 * In August _Life of Donald Duck_ will be released as part of the
celebration of Donald's 60 years.  It's a facsimile of a book from
1942, and with the book you get a CD with Barks, Clarence Nash
(Donald's first voice), and "Donald's current voice" (is that still
Tony Anselmo? /Per).

 * A Carl Barks calendar for 1995 with 12 of his oils will be out in

 * About then a book containing water-colours by Barks (with
non-Disney subjects) will also be released.

 * Barks has made a 300 pound bronze statue of Scrooge for a Disney
convention at Disney World September 6--11.  (Well, it says so anyway.
I don't know what Barks's part of that really was.)

 * A new issue of Danish fanzine "Carl Barks & Co." is out, edited by
Freddy Milton.  It contains several interviews with Barks translated
into Danish as well as a new feature on Barks and a letter from Barks
to a professor in Illinois.
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