Barks European Trip, yet again

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Mon Jun 6 00:39:48 CEST 1994

This is all taken from the latest Kvacket (NAFS(k)'s newsletter), so
most Swedes on the list will already have (or will soon get) this in
their mail.  And for most of the rest of you maybe this isn't that
interesting, as it happens so far away...  Hm, hopefully this is of
interest to some of you anyway; maybe to Norwegians and Danes at
least (as data about most other countries in the tour is minimal.
Just what dates Barks will be there -- but even that information is
updated and substantially different from what was published in CBG
long ago).

As I've updated the file "upcoming" at the ftp archive I'll just
reproduce the relevant portions of it here:

June 1--20, DENMARK: Barks exhibition at Nationalmuseum, Copenhagen.
	(Nyvestergade 10.)

June 6, 5--8 pm, NORWAY: Norsk Tegneserieforum (NTF) arranges a
	meeting at the Nobelinstituttet, Drammensveien 19.  There's a
	panel, and Barks will visit it.  It's possible to join NTF at
	the entrance.  For more information call Jan P. Krogh at
	phone number +47-22360770.)
June 7--12, NORWAY: An exhibition on Barks at Tusenfryd a bit north of
	Oslo.  (Erik H/orthe has made the exhibition.)
June 7, 1 pm, NORWAY: Barks opens that exhibition.  Later in the
	evening, there'll be a "student dinner with Barks in Blindern
	in the premises of the Realistforeningen."
June 8, NORWAY:  NRK will show a new documentary on Barks on TV.

June 9: 60 years since Donald Duck's debut (in the cartoon "The Wise
	Little Hen").
June 9, 9 am, DENMARK: Barks arrives in Copenhagen by boat from Oslo.
June 10, DENMARK: At 3 pm Barks will be a guest of honor at the
	Nationmuseum exhibition, signing lithographs.
June 11, 2 pm, DENMARK: Donald's birthday will be celebrated (a couple of
	days too late) at Tivoli, Copenhagen.  Barks will be there.

June 13, FINLAND: Barks arrives in Helsinki by air.
June 14, FINLAND: There's a press conference with Barks, and he meets
	the mayor.
June 15, FINLAND: Barks visits the Aku Ankka editorial office.

June 18, 8.30 am, SWEDEN: Barks arrives by boat from Finland.  (Silja
	Line to the V"artahamnen.)  A white Daimler will meet him
	Noon: Barks meets the press and gets the Adamson award from
	the Svenska Serieakademin.
June 19, SWEDEN: Barks visits the royal castle and gives the children
	there signed copies of Kalle Anka & C:o (the Swedish Disney
	1.13 pm: NAFS(k) and Seriefr"amjandet holds a meeting with
	Barks in Stockholm!  There will be some lectures, quizzes
	etc., but the main thing is a short (~45 minutes) visit by
	Barks.  Attendees will have to register in advance.

June 20, POLAND:  Barks arrives in Warsaw.

June 23, GERMANY: Barks arrives in Hamburg.
June 24, GERMANY: Barks arrives in Munich.
June 28, GERMANY: Barks arrives in Stuttgart.

July 1, FRANCE: Barks arrives in Paris/EuroDisney.

July 4, ITALY: Barks arrives in Milano.

July 11, THE NETHERLANDS: Barks arrives in Amsterdam.

July 15, THE UNITED KINGDOM: Barks arrives in London.

July 21: Barks's European tour is over, and he returns to Oregon.

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