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Ole> * In Dark Africa ("Darkest Africa") - a 3 part serial. Has never been
Ole>   published before!

Harry> Please keep us informed whether this is the same (redrawn
Harry> and/or censored) version as published in the Carl Barks Library.

It's the redrawn version.  I haven't seen it, but I conclude this as
(Swedish translator) Stefan Dios phoned me earlier to ask me if I knew
the the name of the Dutch who isn't Jippes.  I think he was writing
some introduction to the story or something like that.  (Thanks to you
Harry, I knew it was Dick Vlottes.)

James> My biggest complaint (which is also my biggest complain
James> about this list) is that 90% centers around the ducks.

Yes, you are right.  That is absolutely too much talk about mice and
other uninteresting stuff.  It should be 99% ducks at least! :-)

Dwight> The story also showed Gare with two arms, but hey, if you
Dwight> can't improve on real life in a Disney comic, where can you?

Huh?  Gare had only one arm?  I wonder how I've been able to miss that?!
I've seen several photographs of her after all...

David> And there I discovered to my chagrin that the don-rosa.index
David> was correct as it had been *before* I tampered with it!!!

Oops!  OK, I've changed that back again now.  Better not trust
anything but the books themselves in the future...

David again> Boy, our mailing list hasn't had much to talk about
David again> lately!  With Donald's 60th Birthday coming up, too! 

It's summer, and lots of people have gone away...  Over here Barks's
visit is big stuff.  He should be in Norway right now.  Anyone reading
this who can confirm that he actually is there?

Ronald> I probably shouldn't be sending this here, but I'm not sure how
Ronald> these things work in the net...

The standard address to try when you don't remember how a specific
mailing list works is to add "-request" to the end of the name of the
list, so "disney-comics-request at" is the address to
send such requests to.  (I've taken care of your address change now,

Ronald> Keeping things relevant -- I recently picked up a reprint of
Ronald> the story where Scrooge and some other rich guy keep buying
Ronald> bigger and bigger statues for Duckburg...God, I was in
Ronald> STITCHES...!

That seems to be a favourite with many fans.  At least it won the
10-page category in Ken Bausert's Barks survey some ten years ago.
(Probably the most ambitious favourite story poll to date.)  At the
latest NAFS(k) meeting in Sweden, a small informal poll was conducted
where it finished third (in that category) behind WDC 99 (quiz show)
and WDC 156 (master rainmaker).
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