Per Starback starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Mon Jun 6 01:46:31 CEST 1994

Fredrik wrote about Fantask's latest catalog with lots of Barks stuff:
> Unfortunately, I don't have the address [to Fantask] here
> now, although I could possibly find out.

It's	Fantask A/S
	Skt. Pedersstraede 18
	1453 Kobenhavn K (slash that o please!)

> (How many Danish members do we have, by the way? I hope I'm not
> writing this for Ole all by himself.)

Unfortunately, there's just a couple more of them.  But I'm interested
as well, even though I'm no Dane.  I got the latest issue of Fantask's
newsletter though, so I guess and hope I'll get this one too without
having to work for it.
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