Lo$ 12

Knut Hunstad Knut.Hunstad at veg.sintef.no
Mon Jun 6 15:46:46 CEST 1994

Just an answer to Don Rosa hoping the TV-scenes in Lo$ 12 were correctly 
printed in B/W in other countries: at least in Norway it did!

Have to reread the whole story (Lo$1-12) a few times before I comment more 
about it. Didn't quite "agree" with Scrooge withdrawing from everything and 
then starting up again, but I guess it _is_ a kind of solution to the 
"Christmas on bear mountain"-problem.

Donald's 60-years special was quite nice, but how come the square eggs still 
were in a closet marked as "rocks"? And that none of them broke when falling 
out of the closet? As far as I remember the story they should have been 
properly labeled after DD & nephews return to Duckburg. Have to go home and 
reread the two square egg stories...

BTW, I really liked that part at the beginning with the lunchbox...

Knut Hunstad
khun at veg.sintef.no

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