AA 23/94

Mikko Aittola maittola at snakemail.hut.fi
Wed Jun 8 20:49:36 CEST 1994

(only very minor spoilers)

I just read Finnish Aku Ankka 23/94. It is special 60th
birthday issue. With 52 pages it is smaller 'effort' than recent Kalle
Anka (84 pages), but two of the three stories are very good.

First story is Don Rosa's 'The Duck Who Never Was'(D 93574). It was 
translated 'to be like not to be' or something. 

So, what's Duckburg like when Donald doesn't exist? I can tell you that 
everyone and -thing is different, except one person. 

Especially 'undonalded' Daisy is quite a 'sight'. The story also reveals
where $crooge 'really' lives, not in the bin, not in the mansion, but...
Beagle Boys are also well 'repositioned'.
Hewey, Dewey and Loey are just like avery average american kid.. :)

I liked the story very much. When I first read about this story I thought 
that Don just shows what's Duckburg like without Donald, but Donald actually 
gets into that world and he's able to interact, rather than just having a 
dream. I didn't look for it very much, but I didn't find D.U.C.K- 
dedication. (As I didn't find one from the cover of Donald and $crooge 

The second story, 'in darkest africa' is by Barks from 1948. The story 
code is 'M.O.C. 20'. Some of the panels are definetely fixed. They look
like somebody else inked 'em. He didn't do very good job, because  
he used much bolder lines than Barks. 

The 22 page long story puts Donald&Co in Africa where they are after 

The third is also a birthday story (D 93339), but the plot is quite weak.
$crooge gives Donald couple of 'missions' to do while he and
others arrange 'surprise' party. The story ends same way as
'The Duck Who Never Was' but Don at least put April, May and June
in the last panel.


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