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I found this on rec.arts.disney.
Quoting from the Associated Press:

BURBANK, Calif. (AP) -- Jack Hannah, animator, storyteller and
director of more than 100 Donald Duck cartoons, died of cancer
last Saturday.  He was 81.

Joining the Disney animation staff in 1933, Hannah directed 65
shorts, eight of which were nominated for Academy Awards.  He
also directed 14, hourlong TV shows including skits with Walt
Disney talking to Donald Duck at his desk.

His first animation credit was for a scene in "Gulliver
Mickey."  Hannah also was key animator on the Academy Award-
winning short, "The Old Mill."

After retiring from Disney, 26 years later, Hannah worked in
the 1960s on stories for live-action films and with Walter
Lantz, directing several Woody Woodpecker cartoons.

Hannah developed the School of Character Animation at the
California Institute of the Arts, founded by Disney.  He was
on the CalArts staff for eight years.

Hannah was also a landscape oil painting artist.
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