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Just picked ad sheet up from my local bookstore.....


Batman battles his deadliest foe, a crippling injury, and a rival for the 
title of Gotham's Dark Knight in this exciting audio drama!

Based on the original DC Comics character, BATMAN: THE COMPLETE 
KNIGHTFALL SAGA is inspired by the best-selling Batman storylines 
"Knightfall," "Knightquest," and "Knights End" as they originally 
appeared in DC Comics.  The story that shocked the world comes to life in 
a powerful new audio drama as BATMAN: THE COMPLETE KNIGHTFALL SAGA.  It's 
the Dark Knight's darkest hour as Batman is crippled by the most 
dangerous foe he has ever faced!

In the summer of 1993, Gotham City reels from the news that Batman has 
been crippled by his fiercest foe--Bane.  With Bruce Wayne confined to a 
wheelchair, who will protect the innocent?  The answer comes when a new 
hero--Azrael--takes up the mantle of the Bat.  But he is a more brutal 
Batman, far more eager to punish the guilty than to protect the 
innocent.  Will he destroy Gotham City in order to save it?  Will Bruce 
Wayne sit idly by as the image of Batman is changed forever?

Written and produced for the world famous BBC Radio by Dirk Maggs,  
BATMAN: THE COMPLETE KNIGHTFALL SAGA combines modern audio technology, a 
full cast of actors, and award-winning creators to dramatize one of the 
greatest stories ever told in 3 hours of action and suspense.  In Dolby 
Surround, dazzling sound effects and music put you in the center of the 

For ordering info: 1-800-759-0190

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