some old questions... (Mathmagicland and Moby Duck)

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at
Wed Jun 29 09:28:25 CEST 1994

> Date: Thu, 16 Jun 1994 From: Gilbert Roser
> In DDA 26 on page 20 panel 2 of "Donald in Mathmagicland" Donald
> gets wild about an Icecream Soda. I think that this panel was
> redrawn because I have an copy of this story where he gets wild
> about a Miss and the shadow below the Soda is to small for the
> Soda and fits perfectly with the Miss. Am I right?

In the Dutch version, the Miss (a Beauty queen, labeled Miss Pancake)
is shown, with her measurements (90 - 60 - 90). There is no reason
to believe this is not the original, so Gladstone must have censored it.

> I can't understand that they are censoring such things because
> IMHO it wasn't harming anything.

Feminists could be offended because a woman is shown like a piece of

And here's another unanswered question:

> Date: Sun, 19 Jun 1994 From: Knut Hunstad
> I have a few questions about Moby Duck I hope someone out there can answer
> (couldn't find them by ftp to, if it's there could
> someone please tell me where?):

We have no information about him on ftp (not even on 8-),
except his name in a few languages.

> 1. Who invented him and when?

According to Overstreet's Price Guide, the first story with Moby Duck was
published in (Gold Key's) Donald Duck #112. Crone lists a Strobl story in
this comic.
Moby had his own comic from 1967 through 1978 (#1 - #30).

But can we trust Overstreet?

> 3. Is he related to any of the other Ducks?

He is, according to the family tree (of German origin?) I have, a distant
cousin of Donald.


P.S. Happy birthday, Don! Or like they sing in France:
"Le p'tit beurre, des touilloux"

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