Disney-comics digest #256.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at CompuServe.COM
Wed Mar 2 05:43:49 CET 1994

	TOM & JERRY was Hanna and Barbera's slapstick-violent answer to
Tx Avery's slapstickly violent product which was also usually done for
MGM (though also for WB or Lantz). Perhaps any T&J that you see in ROGER
RABBIT was because T&J was an imitation of Tex Avery as well. But as the
best indication of what ROGER RABBIT is meant as a tribute to, one needs
only look at the film's on-screen dedication: "dedicated to TEX AVERY".
Sometimes we miss that stuff by not reading all those credits. But
whatever the case, it was certainly not a tribute to anything the name
Walt Disney had ever stood for -- quite the opposite. That's why, as
much as I enjoyed ROGER RABBIT, I am disturbed and irritated when I see
the guy in the Roger Rabbit costume wandering around the Magic Kingdom
when I'm in DisneyWorld; I wanna grab his lil' butt and kick him over
into the MGM Studio where he belongs. 

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