Disney-comics digest #255.

Gary Leach 73633.152 at CompuServe.COM
Wed Mar 2 09:04:42 CET 1994

Took a look at some direct market distributor order figures today for the 
entire comics industry and...well, wot a mess! The speculators have finished 
their pillagin' and rapin' and moved on (not a few of them pillaged and raped 
in turn, just to be fair), leaving Gladstone with...a nearly doubled market 
share! That is, we've gone from .24% to .56% of the direct market (rough 
approximate). Of course, this actually means our orders didn't go down as much
as many other publishers', so we look better statistically. At this stage, we 
take what we can get.

Roger Rabbit is a joint property of Disney and Spielberg's Amblin shop. Roger 
cannot be used by either party without clearance and approval from both. This,
in effect, makes Roger-in the technical sense-only a half Disney character. 
But you know what? If you like Roger, and Roger has proven instrumental in 
getting you better acquainted with Disney comics, then more power to both of 
you! It's the guys who read something like Roger and figure it sums up the 
whole of the Disney comics experience that bring guys like Don and David (and 
myself) to the Edge of Despair.

Michael T. and Janet Gilbert write stories for Egmont, but don't do any actual
artwork. From what I've gathered, such labors are reserved for Mr. Monster and
Kelly and that sort of thing...

A new artist is about to debut with a full-length adventure coming up soon in 
Donald Duck Adventures. The name is Pat Block, and the tale is in 
collaboration with a writer/letterer whose name escapes me at the moment (I 
don't have as much to do with the Disney's these days, so details are slipping
in my mind more and more after hours). While he's no Don Rosa or Bill Van 
Horn, he's got potential...and Disney approved of the art and the story.

In the word's of Gladstone's founder, Helmut Werb..."Keep head cool!"

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