How can you tell?

Mattias Hallin Mattias.Hallin at
Wed Mar 2 13:59:14 CET 1994


         (though we've exchanged a few postings already) -- Welcome on the
list! Yes, yes... I'm afraid many of our discussions seems to presuppose a vast
knowledge about magazines and publishers in various countries at various times,
and that we often use mysterious abbreviations and/or other apocryphal
expressions -- that is, alas, in the nature of things like these, and takes
some time to pick up when not familiar. A few tips, though:

a) the ftp files accumulated from the activities on this list are a deep well
of information, including indexes of various kind -- Per Starback, or your
local computer guru can probably tell you how to get at'em

b) since your an Icelander, you might (?) possibly have some kind of working
knowledge of the Scandinavian languages??? If so, you might want to join the
Swedish Donaldistic Association, NAFS(k) ("Nationella AnkistF|rbundet i Sverige
(kvack)), who has a fanzine, NAFS(k)uriren, where much info can be found. Also,
there is the Danish 'zine "Carl Barks & C:o", the German "Der Donaldist" and
the American 'zines "The Duckburg Times" and "The Barks Collector"

c) go on reading the discussions on the list, and ask any silly (or good!)
questions you want to, to any and all of us!!!

If you're interested in any or all of the above, I can get the adressess for
you, if you just say so -- I don't have'em handy here at work, but I could get
them for you.

All my best

Mattias Hallin
Lund, Sweden

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