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I have a few questions concerning the current publisher of Disney products.
I don't remember reading anywhere what happened to the Disney Comics Publishing
Company.  One day, they had several titles coming out on a monthly basis, and
Len Wein as the main editor, the next, Mr. Wein is writing stories for DC and
Defiant, and all those titles are gone, execpt for the few published by

What happened?

I dropped most of those titles because, to be honest, I did not like most of
the stuff coming out.  And I ended dropping the rest when I read that Disney
was going to keep the stories to one issue because they made it easier to
publish in album type books over in Europe.  That broke the camel's back, and
I gave up on them completely.

But I never read anything else about them, and now Gladstone is back in after
having to give up the rights some years ago.

I would really like to know what took place.

Thank you.

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