Disney-comics digest #254.

James Williams James_Williams at ESS.NIAID.pc.niaid.nih.gov
Fri Mar 4 13:28:18 CET 1994

>I'm also compelled to say something about the idea that Roger
>Rabbit attracted someone to "Disney comics". 

Your missing a key point here.  From Chris' messages, I get the
impression that he really liked the movie WFRR.  This caused
him to purchase the RR comic.  He liked it, so he tried other
Disney comics.

To the general public, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck aren't characters. 
They are corporate icons and fashion statements.  Why, because of
Disney GREED.  If you want to see a MM or DD cartoon, you have to
either rent a tape or subscribe to the Disney Channel.  Everytime I
turn around the television is showing either Warner Brothers' cartoons
or Hanna and Barbera cartoons.  People will walk in to a comic book
shop and buy DC's Looney Toons and Harvey's new HB books.  And, I bet
that these people won't be buying Gladstone's books.

This is one of the reasons I wish Mighy Morphin Power Rangers were
published under the Gladstone imprint instead of the Hamilton imprint.

James Williams

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