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Tue Mar 8 10:29:37 CET 1994

Geir wrote:
> Daan Jippes has done some good work, and also Fred Milton. 
> However, there is a deep misunderstanding in Miltons view on the 
> Ducks personality.

David replied: 
> Gee!  In what stories?

And I could add the question: in what way is the view misunderstood?

> In fact I have done the American script for "The Clock Watcher," a 
> Milton story to appear in the United States soon.

Personally I don't find this a very good story. The early Milton/Jippes
stories were much better. And there are still two very good stories
that have not been reprinted by Gladstone!

> I am sick and tired of Magica and the quest for the holy 
> dime.  I am sick and tired of Donalds lack of luck.  I am sick and 
> tired of the jealousy stories of Donald, Daisy and Gladstone.

> 	Gee again!  Barks used these concepts a LOT.  So why can't
> other artists use them a lot, too?

Maybe you are talking about different stories? There has been a lot of
JUNK published in Europe in the 60s and 70s, mostly 'Disney Studios' stories
(we talked about that before. Remember Jim Fletcher?) and Americans can be
happy to NEVER see them. Also, the early Danish (and Dutch) stories were
of same low quality.
On the other hand, the Whitman stories of the 70s and 80s are maybe even
worse... most of them have never been reprinted in Europe.

David, if you had read all the 'Studios' stories about Magica, you would
be sick and tired too.

> 	BY THE WAY... something NO other writer has taken up is the
> idea that Magica not only wants the dime, but other mythical magical
> objects (...)

There are a lot of 'Studios' stories where Magica and Madam Mim are after
a 'magic phrase' (translation?).

> I think that doing more stories like *that* with
> Magica is a good idea, and I may do some of them.

I don't think that's a good idea. I didn't like the Barks stories without
the dime either, and mostly because Magica didn't play the right role to me.

(Still quoting David:)
> I maintain that I am Gottfredson's biggest fan.  I simply do not have
> the facilities to try to do what Horst has done (presumably with the
> Sunday pages)

I have seen a 'complete MM daily' series in a Dutch comic shop. It was 
organised per year (breaking stories in two). The shop only had the years
1939, 1955 and 1956 (if I remember well). They contain A4 copies of 2 or 3
newspaper strips per page. I couldn't find an editor, but a statement on
the back said "limited to 300 copies". I assume this is Horst Schro"ders 


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