Disney comics the same?

Sigurdur Hrafn Gislason shg at rhi.hi.is
Wed Mar 16 12:21:58 CET 1994

Are the contents of Disney comics teh same all over the world? I mean
the ratio between Donald stories and "irrelevant" stories such as
Brother Rabbit and Big bad wolf.
I would like to subscribe to a slimmed down version of Disney comics
since I feel that I am paying for the other stories, which I never read.

I was wondering if your effort of "standardising" Duckburg, is influencing
other writers? I remember reading another story by some other writer who
referred to the money bin as "the monstrosity on top of Killmotor Hill.".
Does that name come from you or Barks and are other writers becoming more
"fact" aware?
Maybe this is simply all the work of our translator who is simply referencing
between stories. In any way it was very amusing.
Scrooge's retirement. Somehow it strikes me as odd that the most money-
oriented duck in history, should choose to retire. His whole purpose
in life seemed to be to get richer, not merely rich but richer. 

You guys are making me into a full fletched Duck-fan again.


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