Aku Ankka (!)

Fredrik Ekman d91fe at sinope.pt.hk-r.se
Thu Mar 24 10:54:25 CET 1994

Mikko Aittola wrote:
> I can tell 
> you that you have given me hard time to follow your 
> discussions. I live in Finland and I don't have a clue 
> about English story names or most of the English 
> character names.

Didn't you get an extract of our list of character name
translations when you joined? I thought Per used to send
one of those to all non English speaking members. Tell me
if you want a Finnish-English character list and I'll send
it to you. There has been some sort of a vote agains
including all the names of the family tree in this list,
but the most important ones will be there. Coincidentally,
Finnish isn't the most complete language but if I remember
correctly, there are some 30 entries.

> ... the first part of Lo$ (D 91308). Index says that 
> in scandinavia the story was published in K92-33 (DN). 
> Does this mean that it has only been published in Danmark 
> and Norway?

The DR index deals with Swedish, Danish and Norwegian
publications only. Thus, DN means that it was NOT published
in Sweden. We don't know about Finland.

> The index file says 
> that 'Return to Xanadu' (D 90314) was published in K91-13. 
> I couldn't find this issue either. The story is 30 page 
> long and I don't remember any 32-page long Aku Ankka's 
> containing only one story.

In Sweden, "Return to Xanadu" was published in a special
extra issue that was included together with the normal one.
K91-13 was thus actually two comic books rather than one.

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