Don Rosa's technique

Mark Mayerson mayerson at
Thu Mar 24 15:06:50 CET 1994


Thanks very much for the detailed run down on how you work.  I find it
interesting that you draw each page as two half pages.  That's the way
that Barks worked in the 1950's.  It's also the way that Uderzo works
on Asterix.  I'm not aware of any American comics, other than your own,
that are being drawn this way anymore.

When I asked about the lettering, I thought that the English lettering
might be put in on the original artwork and that the other languages would
just be pasted on top.  Thanks for clearing that up.

I never guessed that Gladstone shrank your balloons and touched up the
artwork.  I'll be checking around balloons to see if I can tell where
your art leaves off and the touchup begins.
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