Aku Ankka (!)

Mikko Henri Juhani Aittola maittola at snakemail.hut.fi
Thu Mar 24 21:14:07 CET 1994

Hi folks!

I've been reading this list some time now. And I can tell 
you that you have given me hard time to follow your 
discussions. I live in Finland and I don't have a clue 
about English story names or most of the English 
character names. 
Luckily I reread the first message and found out that via
ftp I could get MUCH information. I couldn't find the 
English names of the characters in 'family-tree' though. 
So could somebody tell me those, starting with upper left 
Huey (or Dewey or Louey) and ending at lower right Gary 

I have couple of questions about Don Rosa index file. For 
example the first part of Lo$ (D 91308). Index says that 
in scandinavia the story was published in K92-33 (DN). 
Does this mean that it has only been published in Danmark 
and Norway? I didn't find this story from my brothers 
issues (LOTS of issues were missing), but whenI bought 
the Uncle $crooge #285 I could swear that I've read the 
story before. 

Finnish Aku Ankka (Donald Duck) books are similar to 
Swedish Kalle Anka's, at least mostly. The index file says 
that 'Return to Xanadu' (D 90314) was published in K91-13. 
I couldn't find this issue either. The story is 30 page 
long and I don't remember any 32-page long Aku Ankka's 
containing only one story. So perhaps Swedish issue was 


 Have you decided that Ducks should really get to the 
 MIDDLE of the earth. I mean they could TRY it, but maybe 
 it's impossible for them to get there?
 The predictable thing about the story would be that 
 $croogey gets info saying center of the earth is made of 
 gold, but it's interesting to see what you can come up 

          /Mikko Aittola

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