The worse side of Don Rosas comics, part 1.

Fredrik Ekman d91fe at
Mon Mar 28 18:57:19 CEST 1994

Geir wrote, about Son of the Sun:
> The panels showing the flight on p. 9 always irritated me, because they
> disturbed the else so realistic story. You were trying to do some visual
> gags, and I dont think they function in that setting. Everything else is so
> well explained and even believeable that these panels are more irritating
> than they would have been had it just been an ordinary story. If you were
> to reprint the story once more, I would ask you to redraw those two panels.

Hmm... I never thought about that. I guess you're principally right, Geir
but I still don't think it's reason enough to change them. They don't
disturb me. Apart from that, I agree 100% with your analysis. "Son of the
Sun" (with the possible exception of "Return to Xanadu") is absolutely my
favourite Rosa.


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