Disney-comics digest #283.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at CompuServe.COM
Tue Mar 29 09:53:03 CEST 1994

	I placed that display of Croesus' treasure in the museum in "The
Son of the Sun" for two reasons. First, I had something different in
that panel which Byron had me remove, though I can't recall why he
didn't like it -- I had a freezer with a window in it showing it
contained the Bombastium ball. To fill the emptied panel I stuck in a
treasure that I planned to do a story about. Was there a reference for
it? In "Back to Long Ago" $crooge daydreams of the two greatest
treasures of antiquity that he hoped to find -- King Solomon's Mines and
the Treasury of Croesus. He never found the second one. But really,
after waiting 8 years, I wish I'd done a better story -- mine is okay,
but no "Son of the Sun".
	If they reprint "SotS", I don't think I'd ever redraw any part
of it -- I'd rather redraw the WHOLE MESS! Can you imagine how
embarrassing it is for me to look back at the art on that story!? I
can't believe they published it! I'd feel like redrawing the whole thing
someday, but I probably never will since there are always more
completely new stories to tell!
	How carefully did you reread it? I bet even I don't remember all
the hidden details in it. For instance, did you notice in the first view
of the Temple of Manco Capac, you can see the wing of $crooge's airplane
leaning against one of the rear towers where it had crashed on the back
	Why did you mention the fact that Gladstone was reading MICKEY
and PLUTO comics in "Nobody's Business". I have NO fond memories of that
story -- I think it was quite a come-down from "SotS", very forced and
contrived. But as to those comics -- you noticed they were Dells? And
you notice there were no Disney DUCK comics? That was to show my idea
that in the Duck Universe, Mickey Mouse and the other non-Duck
characters are simply fictitious comic characters... only the Ducks are

	Mark Worden's Barks index is not available as far as I know. It
was never sold, only given to friends -- in fact, when he saw dealers
selling it, his second printing carried the title "NOT FOR SALE" in huge
letters as if that were the booklet's title.
	Is it better than Barrier's index? No, it doesn't try to be
complete. It doesn't try to include all the descriptions and
commentaries that Barrier's does. It's simply an index to identify where
stories appeared, what the titles were, page counts, characters
appearing, etc. It's a handbook of data. If I need to know more, I then
reach for the actual comic or a Barks Library. I have the Barrier book
and I have never used it. I use Worden's index practically every single

	So you're the guy that had me do that complete WDC&S index? I
had already done a complete $crooge index and a DONALD DUCK index,
hadn't I?
	Anyway, I'm quite familiar with the hollow-earth theories, but
as they are not actually theories but simply silly fantasies, they play
no part in my story. I'm amazed when I read about anyone later than the
18th century believing stuff like that, but I know some do, including
the UFO fans (which says a lot).

	Someone named "Ana B. Watson" just asked me to take her off the
mailing list. Maybe you can do that for me?

	I was asked to keep this secret, but I guess I can mention it
now. A few hours ago I was hosting a TV documentary crew from Norway who
came here to interview me. They are doing a hour-show about Barks. The
director was the TV director of the Olympics opening ceremonies, and the
interviewer was a Henry Notaker if that's a familiar name. They spent 18
days out west, 8 days visiting Grant's Pass... and I was their last stop
before going back home. They seemed rather fascinated by all the stuff I
have around here, and they said they might later do a shorter piece
about me during my next trip to Norway. 
	I'm not sure why Svein Erik asked me months ago not to mention
their visit to me, but I'm wondering if it wasn't for fear Barks would
not react pleasantly if he knew they were going to visit me for his
	Which might bring us to my next visit to Norway: As I said, I'll
be in Germany in June. It looks like MAYBE I'll be in Sweden in late
Oct.-early november, so I'll probably end up in Oslo for a few days
then. But I haven't actually been invited yet, though I've heard from
lots of people who already know about my visit. Maybe they should ask me
before they start telling people I'm coming?

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