Disney-comics digest #312.

Fredrik Ekman d91fe at mimas.pt.hk-r.se
Sun May 1 03:17:32 CEST 1994

Sigurdur wrote:
> What artist?
> Who was the artist who did the motorcar story 2 issues ago? Something
> about Donald renting a bigger car to impress Daisy. Was it 
> the same one who did the "Donald as a Pizza delivery man" story?
> Kinda weird, that rubbery style he uses. 

Ah, you're talking about William Van Horn. He is in my opinion definitely
one of the top Duck artists today, even though everyone doesn't quite
agree that he's up to Don's standards... ;-)

There's a Van Horn index which lists more or less all his stories that
have been published in the US, Holland and Scandinavia. You should be
able to find a lot of the stories published in Iceland by looking in the
Scandinavian column and do some guess-work from there.

And while on the subject; twice before I have asked for "please more info
about WVH, someone" and have been met by a more or less complete silence.
What's the matter with you guys? I thought you knew everything. Is there
really noone who can tell me a little of where WVH lives, how old he is,
his background in and out of comics, how he came to work with Gladstone,
et c, et c, et c? Or at least point me to other sources.


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