Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at
Mon May 2 10:43:14 CEST 1994

Tryg said a while ago:

> When I first started posting messages, I noticed that some regulars were
> rather quick to jump on me when I said something in error.  These same
> folks would basically ignore anything else I had to say.  So if you
> want a response, just bait your message with a few boo boo's.  (Bad
> breath is better than no breath...)
I regard myself a "regular" and I couldn't remember any of this. So I re-read
some of the old digests where you came in. It appears to me the only 
"error" we corrected was the missing letters in your signature. But only after
10 of your letters we mentioned that.
Most of your questions were answered elaborately (even when we discussed the
matter before), so I can't figure out why you have the impression that we
"ignored anything else you said".

*Maybe* you didn't get answers to all your questions (like Fredrik didn't
get an answer to his Van Horn questions), but that's because people don't
usually post messages merely saying "I don't know".

Apparently, sometimes e-mail gives you a wrong impression of the intentions
of the sender. But always think positive. If a mailer seems rude, blame it
on his/her problems with the English language, or on the fact that you can't
express everything by e-mail.

So, lurkers: send in messages if you want! Or keep lurking, IF for the right
But don't unsubscribe because you feel you have to contribute! And don't
keep silent because you are impressed by all those "know-alls".


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P.S. one of the questions *I* never got answered: what is April, May and
June's *second* appearance? And when/where did they get their names?

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