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Fri May 6 04:44:04 CEST 1994

	Dear Folks,

	Great to have a nice LO-O-ONG digest today!  

	First some old business.  Now that we have Heidi MacDonald 
here, it has occurred to me that, somewhere, I read that she was the 
editor of Disney Comics' HOLIDAY PARADE #2.  I wrote a letter to the 
WDC&S letter column about that, mainly because there is no letter 
column in annual titles.  My guess is that you never saw it, Heidi.
	So, a VERY belated congratulations on that issue -- ranks with
the best WDC&S issues done by Disney (which were the best things
Disney Comics made, I think).  You even printed a Br'er Rabbit story
with the hillbilly dialect intact!  And it's also the only time I EVER
saw a MM story from one of the Firestone giveaways...

	Now some new news.  I talked to Anina Bennett yesterday, and
according to her, the Mouse scripters are all hard at work filling
their 1994 quotas now.  Multiple new stories featuring Sylvester
Shyster and Eli Squinch as villains (one of them at a time, of course)
are heading for the art department now, and the scripters are loving 
their Mouse stories for the first time in years!  She quoted one
writer verbatim:

	"You mean you don't want any more BORING Mickey stories?"

	In implementing this revival, Egmont has discovered that its
writers thought it expected them to remain true to Murry at all costs.
We suspect that in the past, Egmont may have had such rules.  But as
for now, a revitalization of the Mouse is in order, folks.  Keep your
eyes open for Squinch and Shyster, because they're going to be coming
your way by the end of this year.

	Of course, the stories won't all be great, but the spirit is
back.  An unexceptional story with Gottfredson's Mickey is a lot
better than an unexceptional one with a post-lobotomy Mickey... 
wouldn't you say?

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