Disney-comics digest #320.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at CompuServe.COM
Fri May 6 05:51:04 CEST 1994

	I would gladly give more than simply a set of those stupid
CAPTAIN KENTUCKY magazines for those Whitman comics you have for me!
Besides, where are you... Europe somewhere? I hope you'll send those by
airmail otherwise they'll take MONTHS to get here. I'll, of course, pay
that postage. The Whitmans are quite difficult to find... and I even
thought that UNCLE $CROOGE #179 was particularly rare... but maybe not,
if you found one all the way over in... Europe somewhere?
	But I will be VERY happy to once again have full sets of WDC&S
and U$, which I haven't had since they began to be sold as "Whitman"s in
the toy stores.

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