Disney-comics digest #336.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at CompuServe.COM
Tue May 24 07:20:28 CEST 1994

	My Duck Family Tree is precisely the same as Barks' original
design as regards Gladstone's relation to $crooge (which is practically
none). In his private notes, that Family Tree that he did for his own
information and the one we see in the Barks Library from time to time,
was done some years after Barks' first decision about Gladstone's
lineage: in that version, Barks apparently wanted to make Gladstone into
an actual nephew of $crooge, and had $crooge's sister Matilda adopt GG
when his parents "died of over-eating at a free lunch picnic". In my
version, we decided there was no reason to forcefully introduce this
"death" business, so we left GG where he was, as the son of $crooge's
sister's sister-in-law, as Barks originally created him.
	But anyway... what stories about $crooge's inheritance are you
referring to? 

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